ODE to Driving Safety

Safe driving is a lifestyle
That we should all embrace.
Concentrate on the road ahead,
Not putting makeup on your face.

Texting should be a crime indeed,
You can’t drive and type a letter.
Loud music distracts us also,
Singing softly is so much better.

A cheeseburger tastes so really good,
But it should not be on our diet.
And you can’t eat such food as this,
While driving so just don’t try it.

If you like to read a book,
Or talk on your cell phone,
Please talk only stopped beside the road,
And read at home while on the throne.

Don’t’ drink or smoke behind the wheel,
As both can contribute to wrecks.
Keep your calculator out of sight for sure,
Don’t be balancing your monthly checks.

Be patient, don’t let road rage get you,
It’s not necessary to be in the lead.
Be prepared to pay a costly fee,
If through work zones you do speed.

Always watch the road ahead,
For debris or a passing deer.
In just a matter of seconds,
The end could be so near.

 If you got to the pearly gates,
Your prayers too late to say’um,
Tell St. Peter on your car TV,
You were watching Billy Graham.

Your family and friends all love you,
So be wise and use your head.
Live life with all its’ blessings,
And don’t wake up tomorrow dead.

--Freddie Simmons 09/09 

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