Even buses have accidents

By Shayna McCall
     I was an eighth grader in middle school and I caught the bus one day after school to go to my grandmother’s house. I was really excited for the long ride ahead of because a few of my friends were riding with me.
     A few seconds later, the bus wrecked into a cemetery gate. I slammed forward and my knee smashed into the metal pole. I was really scared and in shock. The driver must have fallen asleep or something. I was in so much pain that I couldn't walk. They evacuated the bus and my friend had to carry me all the way home. It was so sweet and nice.
     This affected me because my knee was hurt badly and I had to wear a knee brace for a while. I still have to every now and then. I am constantly having really awful pains. The importance of safety is entirely needed. It is always a great thing to make sure that you’re in the best care possible.
     Traffic safety is a priority in today's society that we need to fully be aware of. That way we know how to combat things that may in turn harm our safety.

Shayna McCall is a student at Highland Park High School in Topeka


  1. Anonymous10/03/2013

    Thank you for sharing your story Shayna. The need for safety is so important each and every time we get in the car to drive.

  2. Thanks for that story Shayna. It reminds me that even small and seemingly minor injuries can have an impact on a person for the rest of their life. My knees (especially my left one) feels for you.

    Safety in everything we do can lessen the chance of an injury.