Doesn’t Take But a Second

By Lory Williams
     Roadway safety. Sometimes we take it for granted. It seems we all know it, but, we get busy, or simply forget.
     Several years ago, our daughter worked as a traveling medical person. She worked the shifts of others who were scheduled to be gone, sick or on vacation. At the time, raising children on her own, she lived in the country, and one morning about 4:30 a.m. she was on the country road headed for the closest paved road when right in front of her, on her side of the road, but barely pulled to the side, was a huge tractor and disc, with no reflectors! Luckily she was wide awake, and not going fast or she would not be alive today.

It was definitely a scary day for us all.

     So our lesson that day was NEVER take for granted that others are always paying attention. One farmer, in a hurry, or maybe a young person not thinking that road was used much, just didn't pull the equipment off the road.
     You also hear about accidents in the country at harvest time. When I was in high school, we all had a favorite, fun teacher. It was in the fall and harvest time. Most of the corners in that area were tall, and we were normally very careful at the intersections.
     But, one evening, headed home, in a hurry I'm sure, our teacher came upon some harvesters. It was very dusty, and she was behind a truck, which she followed for a ways. Then, she thought it was clear to pass, and when she did, another truck hit her head on, killing her and her unborn child. It was a very sad day for sure.
     During harvest, or, on any dusty roads, it's better to be late than to be in a hurry and not make it.
     Roadway safety is of utmost importance.  Let's remember, it doesn't take but a second for something to happen.

 Lory Williams is the Farm Broadcaster at KBUF in Garden City



  1. So true, Lory. It takes only a second for a bad thing to happen -- we must keep our guard up! And we can't rely on others to be aware of their obligation to keep a roadside as safe as possible.

    It all comes down to looking out for #1 -- and your #2, #3, #4... Your family and friends.

  2. Anonymous9/18/2012

    We can't forget that life and death situations happen on all roads. I'm so glad your daughter is ok, and I'm sorry about your teacher.

  3. Anonymous9/18/2012

    thanks for the reminder, Lory. If we aren't looking out for ourselves, we can't expect anyone else to be watching out for us. This sounds like a drivers ed teacher, but we've always got to DRIVE DEFENSIVELY!