Room to Live

Investigative reporter Trish Van Pilsum at Fox 9 TV station in Minneapolis, Minnesota, says, "At first, it's eerie to climb into a car in which someone has died. But then I realized they didn't actually die here, but in the ditch...or on the road. If they'd stayed here, they might not be dead at all."

Watch this powerful and heart-wrenching video news story from April 2010 and see why she calls this story "Room to Live."
Click here to view the video.


  1. This is an excellent video essay worthy of posting on your Facebook and Twitter sites, and sending to your friends, family and business associates. Wearing a seatbelt saves lives, and this news piece will allow you to share that message with the click of a button, and the click of your seat belt every time.

  2. It is so obvious why one should have worn their seatbelt afterward. Maybe this very powerful video may get the message out to some before.