The excuses are numerous

By Troy Davis

During my 17 years as a police officer with the Garden City Police Department, I have talked to teens and youth groups about seat belts and the dangers of underage drinking and reckless driving. After cell phone technology improved, I witnessed firsthand the aftermath of texting while driving and distracted driving. As an Accident Reconstructionist, I have seen automobile crashes where speeding did kill someone and wearing a seat belt would have made a difference.
 As a child passenger safety technician with SafeKids, I help parents, grandparents and daycare providers decide which car seat fits their child and the best seating position in their car based on the number of family members and type of vehicle. Recently I worked with our local Boy Scouts with a bicycle safety rodeo and helmet use for young riders - adults too. I also have gone to our local senior center and talked about pedestrian safety for seniors and how to prevent falls.
Despite my efforts and efforts of others around the country, we still see people failing to make safety in and around cars a priority. The excuses are numerous, but the reality of this behavior is always the same.
The Transport Accident Commission in Australia created a video that illustrates the consequences of unrestrained drivers and occupants, excessive speed, texting and distracted driving, work zones and driving under the influence. You can watch the video by clicking here. (Please note that this video may contain images that are disturbing to some viewers – discretion is advised.)
Your help will make a difference to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries.
Troy Davis is a Senior Master Patrol Officer with the Garden City Police Department


  1. Kirk Hutchinson10/02/2014

    Troy, I hope you keep spreading the word and never give up telling people about safety. I'm convinced your efforts will make a difference. Thank you.

  2. Kristi Ericksen, KDOT Traffic Control10/02/2014

    Dear Troy, thank you for sharing that very moving...very disturbing...very powerful ad. Thank you for all that you do. I will pass it on.

  3. The Aussie’s have done a good job reducing fatalities. They have very stringent enforcement with lots of education. Nobody wants to be in a crash but so may continue to take risks. Efforts such as Troy’s are making a difference by creating an awareness of the issues involved and enabling good driving habits among teens, parents and grandparents. Watching the videos developed by the Aussie’s should give one a sense of what the consequences could be for them if they fail to get the message. Better yet, get the message and develop better driving habits so that the chances of dealing with consequences are greatly reduced or eliminated.

  4. Troy,
    Thanks for all you have done and continue to do. The video makes a powerful statement.

  5. Anonymous10/02/2014

    I lost my son in a highway accident, no drinking, drugging or texting involved. Until today I had only my imagination of the horror he must have felt as he was hit by a driver. The picture of the man being hit and thrown up in the air and then onto the ground was my worst nightmare come real. My son died of massive brain injury through no fault of his own except being on the job doing what he was supposed to be doing. I know the rationale behind this kind of shock value teaching and agree it is compelling, but as a mother who has been traumatized by such an injury and death in a healthy young man I felt re-traumatized by the graphic reality. I would have chosen not to watch had I realized the negative impact, but once started I couldn't quit watching.