Where ever you are

By Wanda Stewart

Stan and I were blessed with the birth of Scott Benton Stewart, Oct. 27, 1980. He was our first child - first grandson on both sides of our family.  
In an instant our lives were drastically affected by the decision of one person to drink and drive.  I was traveling with Scott, age 3 months, to western Kansas to watch my little brother’s basketball game.  We never made it to the game.
The last thing I remember was being well off the road and feeding Scott. I heard nothing nor saw nothing but she didn't see us either, hitting us full force from behind.  I was not allowed to hold Scott for the last time. I literally attended our son's funeral on a hospital gurney. The impact upon our families was devastating, an indescribable pain.  
When I share Scott’s story, I share his two favorite toys - baby toys that no longer get the love and attention of a child because of the decision of one person to drink and drive.  
We were blessed with two other children after our loss, Spencer and Staci.   Spencer at the age of 7 was told about the loss of Scott and he wrote to Scott:

Dear Scott "Where ever you are"
I just wanted to say that I'd really would like you to be on earth this lifetime And I wonder what you look like? I have seen pictures of you as a baby but I wonder what you look like now? And I wonder what you like to do …like play baseball or basketball or read or write. Well I like to do all that stuff. And I am your 7 year old brother. And I know only your Spirit or God can answer those questions. Your brother Spencer Stewart

I started as an advocate for safe and sober driving because of the loss of Scott.  I continue because of our children and now grandchildren - as stats show our job is not over. A multitude of similar senseless deaths and injuries are still occurring.  

Wanda Stewart is an advocate for traffic safety from El Dorado


  1. So true that those who drink and drive without thinking of the consequences create such sadness in other people's lives. My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. The letter your son wrote to his brother is beautiful. May you all find happiness and peace. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Anonymous10/01/2014

    It's very sad to know that Spencer and Stacy will never get to know their brother. Thank you for being an advocate for safety.

  3. Anonymous10/01/2014

    Thank you for sharing such a tragic story. Many thoughts and prayers go to you for a incident that happened several years ago. Your story provides the inspiration to become an advocate to not drink and drive. We can hope that the person who caused this tragedy will also become one of these advocates.

  4. My daughter was also born in 1980, Wanda, and I can't imagine living a day without her or her younger brother. It breaks my heart that you and countless others have experienced the pain of losing a child to such a senseless tragedy. I appreciate the work you have done to prevent drunk driving - I do believe your message can make a change in driver behavior.

  5. What a heartbreaking but inspirational story. I am so sorry to read of your loss. I don't know if I would have ever been able to forgive the person that did it. You are a very strong woman to be able to keep going and keep functioning after all that.

    Stephanie Waters @ Chastaine Law